Avoiding ‘What You Say’ is ‘What You are Not’

BE 'Engaged Thinkers'

BE 'Engaged Thinkers'

Problem: “We are today presenting a holistic, 360 solution to your brief.  We have with us our advertising team, digital team, P.R executives and both our media planners for online and offline”.

Challenge: You have already lost the client!  Why would they believe that you have a holistic, thru-the-line response?  Your presentation team is based on a ‘Silo’ approach to marketing Communications.

Deliver a client focused, business solution that represents your campaign strategy and tactics rather than highlight the true realities of working (or not working together).

Solution: To focus on the client objectives: a brand and tactical campaign that is to run over a 12 month period.  The integrated communication solution was delivered in a creative and inspiring manner that clearly introduced both our traditional communications skills and digital ‘thought-leadership’.

Results: It’s not often that clients clap in presentations and claim that your presentation is the first time that they have experienced true integration.  All thanks to building the presentation around a calendar and the concept of consumer ‘Touchpoints’ (overlayed with some digital creative flair).


~ by rtymerej on September 23, 2009.

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