It’s a Beautiful World…

The Future's Bright

The Future's Bright

We are in a journey of change from traditional media to the digital era. There is a significant blurring of different marketing disciplines into totally integrated offers (at last!). ROI and effectiveness have come to dominate business and communication conversations – digital has become mainstream! The future has arrived; it’s just not everywhere yet. We must ensure that interactive marketing (let’s not call it ‘digital’) is central to our thinking and output – with this approach spread across our business environments, not just within a specialty ghetto.

I don’t like the term ‘Digital Evangelist’. For me it implies
unrealistic fervor regardless of sensibility.

Whether we live digitally or in the analog world – in agencyland – we
all have the same objective: To deliver great (and relevant)
communication across all touchpoints that ‘moves hearts and minds’
but, ultimately solves business problems for clients. However, until
now most consideration has been given to offline touchpoints.

Where I come in is working with the ‘creative and media planners’ (at
an early stage) to take this communication online where the potential
is to be even greater, even more powerful and even more creative –
digital teams can deliver ‘Hollywood’ to our clients! Unlike offline
digital can deliver tailored messaging and real experiences.

So, why is this NOT digital evangelism? Why is it not a traditional
planning role, why is it not a creative or media role? Because it’s a
role that encompasses all of these disciplines – dialing up digital
creativity requires an understanding of offline creative (brand and
‘call to action’), coupled with an understanding of digital media
planning and digital formats (can we execute an Eyeblaster or are we
creating banners/towers). Then I work with the digital creatives to
develop a rich and interactive piece of communication that truly has
the power to forge a deeper link with its audience. How do I achieve
this? By ensuring that digital is involved at the creative conception
stage – to allow the best chance of greatness!

So, what am I? I am an ‘engaged thinker’… closing the gap between
technical knowledge and marketing and communication know-how.


~ by rtymerej on September 23, 2009.

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