The Silent ‘i’ (Interactive)

Live & Breath Interactive...

Live & Breath Interactive...

Problem: We are a broadly based Marketing Communications agency.  We are a digital and interactive agency.  We ‘do’ brand advertising but, also call to action communication.  How often have you said this in a presentation?  Just in this general introduction your team has fallen into the trap of being ‘generalist’ not ‘specialist’!  Clients want a one-stop-shop BUT, they seem to want in to the bargain a specialized business partner…

Challenge:  The challenge in a ‘creds’ presentation is to display your expertise without having to state it – be a broadly based marketing communications agency that has digital and interactive communications at the heart of everything you do.

We all default to Powerpoint.  Great tool but, it says nothing about your interactive skills (or your presentation skills).

Solution:  To get around this issue our team developed a Flash based interactive ‘creds’ presentation that delivered the feel of an offline microsite.

Results:  You do not need to even claim to be a digital or interactive agency.  You show that you live and breath the ‘interactive-space’.  If nothing else the client will ask you how you developed the presentation and whether your team can do the same for the client.


~ by rtymerej on September 23, 2009.

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