Apparently Size Does Matter

Interactive 'Over-the-Page' Ad Format

Interactive 'Over-the-Page' Ad Format

Problem: The client is building the world’s tallest sculpted tower in Kuwait.  Is this a big deal?  It is to the client and they want to broadcast the achievement to the local and regional prospective commercial leasing market.

Challenge: The tower is not yet complete (Sept 2009).  The property is still a construction site with nothing tangible to present to leasing prospects.

Solution: A proposition was created for the development achievement: “Taking business to new heights”. This delivered ‘line of sight’ response to the client brief.  We now had the flexibility to have fun with the brief , which frankly was straight from the ego of the client (mine’s bigger than yours).

With a limited potential budget we delivered a creative execution that would service the client’s ego – executions were developed for Outdoor, Print and Direct Marketing as well as online.  The extra value that digital offered was that we could bring the ‘new heights’ text proposition to life as well as physically demonstrating the achievement – the world’s tallest sculpted tower.

Execution: We love Eyeblaster technology! Rich interactive media of this nature helps us build online engagement and even data collection within the Over-the-Page ad format.

Results: On a limited budget we were able to deliver a creatively rich campaign that was unique, would generate significant Word of Mouth and matched the scale of the development and the ego(s) behind the project. This campaign recommendation has not gone to market.  This casestudy demonstrates a strategic thought-process.


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