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From Offline to Online Experiential

From Offline to Online Experiential

Problem: Panasonic markets plasma TV’s.  Plasma technology delivers a great viewer experience for both Hollywood movies and sport.

Panasonic has a significant sponsorship relationship with the Toyota F1 team but historically has under-utilised the sponsorship in leveraging sales.

A recent survey carried out by performance improvement company, Grass Roots Group, have shown that many salespeople are lacking the basic, fundamental skill of selling.

Challenge: Panasonic Australia operates in a highly competitive environment.  We were briefed to leverage the F1 association in a national salestaff incentive programme.

Solution (Year 1/2001): The sponsorship benefits needed to be clearly explained to all key stakeholders. F1 in Australia suffers limited popularity with retail salestaff (they love V8’s) – the key audience for our engagement programme.

During the 3 month programme leading into Christmas 2001 registered salestaff that recorded valid product sales could enter draws for the chance to win driving experiences (V8 and Formula Ford) as well as redeem points earned for Panasonic product.

The major draw card however, was an exclusive drive-day experience for the top 15 performers nationally.  They got to experience laps behind the wheel of 2 x Formula 3000 cars on a closed circuit in Sydney.  Experiential at it’s best!

Solution (Year 7/2008): Was our opportunity to gear up digital and drive sales by way of an online F1 salestaff engagement programme.

Execution: 100 top-performing salestaff nationally were assured of a weekend at the Melbourne F1 GP.  The following 300 top performers were assured of earning themselves branded merchandise and Panasonic product.

Results: A record number of salestaff were on the starting grid for this retail event.  They all received real-time updates and alerts through opt-in E-Mail of SMS.  Even the Melbourne GP bookings and requirements were managed via the incentive programme ‘engine’.  Enquiries and issues were resolved efficiently through the web and our campaign microsite was used to help build brand/product knowledge and F1 support.

It was the digital engine that facilitated the multiple staff interactions that are required in any incentive programme.  Supported by a comprehensive suite of analytics we were even able to monitor for the first time retail discounting and out-of-stock trending.


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