The Most Dangerous Phrase in Digital: ‘Re-Skin’ the Microsite

Problem: Panasonic markets cameras under the brand Lumix.  The brand features Leica lens – one of the most historic brands in photography.  However, the Australian camera market appears to moving to the ‘Value’ end of the market.  Lumix has limited market awareness and tends towards the premium end of the market.

A recent survey carried out by performance improvement company, Grass Roots Group, have shown that many salespeople are lacking the basic, fundamental skill of selling.

Push / Pull

Push / Pull

Challenge: Create a low cost salestaff engagement programme within 8 working days that was to be built on the incentive programme ‘engine’ that our team built to support Panasonic Plasma sales.

Solution: Whoever created the phrase “We can simply re-skin the Viera 100 microsite” needs to be excommunicated! However, it may have been me…

So, on a limited budget we set to!  Taking our learnings from the Panasonic Viera 100 online campaign and applying them to the core ‘engine’ for this incentive programme.

Execution: Naturally, the creative platform needed to also be originated in tandem with the ‘build’ and the overall budget finalized based on estimated participation, sales, and redemption estimates.

Results: A record number of salestaff were on the flight deck registering for their trip to Japan to tour the Lumix factory.  Participation and sales generated were better than the sale period last year.

It was the digital engine that facilitated the multiple staff interactions that are required in any incentive programme.  Supported by a comprehensive suite of analytics we were even able to monitor for the first time retail discounting and out-of-stock trending.


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