They Go Hand in Hand

Problem: I think that ‘Frank’ and ‘Bing’ in High Society said: “You can’t have one without the other”…

Yet in my experience it’s rare that clients have a trade and consumer budget that run in parallel.

Panasonic markets cameras under the brand Lumix.  The brand features Leica lens – one of the most historic brands in photography.  However, the Australian camera market appears to moving to the ‘Value’ end of the market.  Lumix has limited market awareness and tends towards the premium end of the market.

Challenge: Create a consumer programme within 8 working days (in parallel with the Lumix staff engagement programme) that creates ‘pull’ for the models that were being ‘pushed’ by retail staff.

Solution: As with most retail consumer and trade programmes in Australia it’s a challenge on a short leadtime to secure Point of Sale real estate and it’s even more difficult to merchandise participating stores outside of the regular

Push / Pull

Push / Pull

4 – 6 week call cycle.

Execution: So, we created a programme that required only limited instore merchandising and was hosted on a campaign microsite.  The promotion was supported with online advertising and of course by retail staff participating in the salestaff engagement programme.

The market is driven by Cash Rebates.  We were out to add value – not – erode brand equity.  We developed an online Instant Win programme where consumers were guaranteed to walk away with a BONUS memory card but, could win fabulous other Panasonic product.

Results: ‘Frank’ and ‘Bing’ were right!  For a very good reason.  A Push / Pull strategy will always deliver better than either tactic working alone.

It was the digital engine that managed the multiple consumer interactions that are required in any consumer programme.  Supported by a comprehensive suite of analytics we were even able to monitor for the first time retail discounting and         out-of-stock trending by overlapping the insights from both the retail trade and consumer programmes.


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