To BLOG or Not to BLOG

Yikes!  I have launched a BLOG…  Never thought that I would get around to it.  Yes, even I am in a journey of change from traditional media (paper based CV) to the digital era.

A Great Learning

A Great Learning

Just to launch this humble destination required 20 hours plus the spirit to not stop when I realized that I had bitten off more than I possibly could chew.  I was lucky; I had a couple of vacant days and had been considering my virtual-options for several months.  In fact this BLOG is really thanks to my freelance designer who decided that he was too busy to re-design my CV once he clearly understood the scope of my dream…

As I began to write the short pieces accompanying the images of work that I have created and managed, it was driven home that I really am a diagonal-thinker.  And, interactive marketing truly is at the centre of my thought process – it’s not just my personal sell for this month.

I am traditionally considered a suit but, (and it’s a BIG but) I am an ‘engaged thinker’… closing the gap between technical knowledge and marketing and communication know-how.

I recommend the BLOG-challenge to everyone.  By creating a digital resume you will be forced (in a good way) to think more clearly about who you are, what you do and what you want from your career.  Learning more about these important elements of your broader life is a great way to spend a few days.  Go for it – take a bite!

I can be found at: or on Facebook of course…


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