Anything Is Possible

Taking Hollywood To Hollywood

Taking Hollywood To Hollywood

Problem: Communicating to the film world that Jordan is a modern and safe country for filmmaking – a country that offers a multitude of diverse locations and the financial lubricants to help make the decision even simpler.

Challenge: The client brief was to take existing content (14,000 poor written/translated words) and create a brochure to be handed out at the various events around the world where film commissions meet prospective production companies and location scouts.

Solution: A brochure was what the client thought that they wanted.  But, it wasn’t what they needed to rise out of the clutter of these events and showcases.

Creative execution: We decided that if we are selling Hollywood, let’s act in an Epic manner.  The creative line that we were working with was “Anything is possible in Jordan”.

Creative challenges: Budget was an issue, especially as the client thought that they needed only a simple brochure.  Also, out of the woodwork came (hot on the heels of the 14,000 poorly written words) a master DVD featuring an irrelevant 4-minute video clip somehow commissioned to promote Jordan (NOT).

Again we had production issues.  Producing the piece that we had in mind was very difficult to print (and hand finish) with any print house in Jordan.

However, the piece that we produced was spectacular!  It looked like a DVD boxed limited edition set.  Including: the 14,000 poorly written words (in brochure form) carefully hidden in great creative.  The DVD of strange material.  A map of Jordan showing locations that had previously been the settings for movies (part of Raiders of the Lost Ark was filmed in Petra).  A notepad and the obligatory pen.

Every recipient received the boxed set in a themed carry bag including a cap, t-shirt and popcorn cup (including microwave popcorn).

Results: We produced 2,000 units each costing JOD 18 – not the original budgeted JOD 1 for the brochure concept.

Ah yes, our client won best collateral in the world – as voted by their peers, all of the film commissions around the world.

Learning: Great creative can hide most sins whether it’s poor copy or video content.  And, clients can always find additional budget for great campaigns when they can clearly see that the material will make them shine – even in Hollywood…


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