Digital and Paper Can Work Together

True Digital Personalisation

True Digital Personalisation

Problem: ‘Dear agency we have a development (soon to be built) that will be a consumer electronics retail shopping mall.  We need to commence leasing’.

Challenge: The development had no retail name and the physical development was just a hole in the ground in the centre of Amman!

Solution: First we started with name-generation.  We eventually created the name DigitalCity.  It was functionally correct and not in use in the M.E.  From there we were briefed to create a DigitalCity Leasing Kit to target prospective upscale retailers.

Creative execution: Call me simple!  But, it makes sense to communicate digitally when trying to lease a digital and consumer electronics focused shopping mall.

Creative challenges: The client wanted lots and lots of sheets of paper!  In this region there is perceived value/credibility in weighty documents.  But, this fights our recommendation of a digital and interactive approach.

Our compromise was to firstly produce a mass-sales kit.  Consisting of multiple floor plans and loose leasing sheets – enough to keep any ‘paper-collector’ happy.

But, our real jewel in the crown was the mailing piece to 250 VIP’s and key stakeholders.  We simplified the paper components and developed an interactive presentation that prospects could print if required.  The presentation was essentially an offline microsite housed on a USB stick.

It was mailed (or personally delivered) in a high quality DM package.  How digital and paper truly came together was in the personalization of the VIP mailer.  Every prospect that received the mailer had a personalized greeting programmed into an LED screen on the boxed-mailer.

As ever we had production issues.  Producing the piece that we had in mind was very difficult to print (and hand finish) with any print house in Jordan.  We also had to purchase the LED screens and programming software from Dubai.

Results: The development was cancelled.  The site is now a Fitness First complex.

Learning: Even when colleagues and suppliers say ‘it can’t be done here’, that phrase should ignite our energy to prove differently.


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