Too Much Too Soon

Great Idea - Ahead of itself

Great Idea - Ahead of itself

Problem: This Jordanian client is driven (often) by H.O in France.  Hence the brief to launch Livebox Doubleplay in to the local market.

What the’… exactly!  No one here knew about or understood the service and its benefits (including many of the client team)!

Challenge: Launch Livebox Doubleplay  to 6,000 high net worth Jordan Telecom (now France Telecom), Wanadoo and MobileCom (now Orange) customers who spend over JOD 15 per month on international calls in addition to their local landline and mobile calls and internet.  This was a test campaign. (

Solution: As we knew there was a significant ‘what the’… factor it was clear that we needed a ‘demo’ of the service to clearly explain it.

We had the luxury of the client-segmented database to execute this test.  Direct Marketing was recommended as the communication tool and the elements that we produced would be included in the monthly bill that goes to the head of each household in the test.

Creative execution: We created a classic dynamic DM piece that when pulled from its envelope instantly expanded to become a cube (box).  Each face of the box detailed just one feature of Livebox.  One face housed an interactive CD ROM featuring a 3-minute Flash presentation that we created.  Ideally prospects were online when viewing the animated presentation.

Considerations: The DM piece had to be inserted in the monthly statement (to P.O Box addresses) as there is no traditional mail service (to homes) in Jordan.  The downside was that although the head of the household makes financial decisions – he may not make lifestyle or service choices.

Creative challenges: Many!  The first being ‘too many cooks…’ Check out the number of brands and logos involved in this piece: Livebox, Jordan Telecom and Wanadoo.  Each had it’s own Corporate Styleguide.  Then we were obliged to talk about Doubleplay – the current generation of Livebox.  Confused?  I am sure the prospects were.

We also had production issues.  Producing the box (and hand finishing) including an elastic band to make it a dynamic piece was a nightmare.  Even attaching the CD ROM became an issue…

Response: At the close of the presentation prospects could click on a link to take them to the Jordan Telecom site for further details or they could view the financial deal and connect directly to the local sales office.

Results: It certainly helps if when a DM campaign is launched, the local sales office is briefed and open for business when prospects want to know more.  Even the best campaigns can be ruined by internal politics!

The analytics that we built into the campaign were impressive.  We monitored viewership of the Flash presentation.  We knew how many prospects selected English/Arabic and we tracked how many prospects printed the details at the end of the presentation (hopefully) with the intent to visit the local sales office.

Learning: Have budget available for a follow-up campaign.  We knew who had received the piece and we knew who had viewed the presentation.


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