Not All Great Ideas Get Sold

Great Concept Looking For A Home

Great Concept Looking For A Home

Introduction: Maybe self-indulgent but, this is one of my ‘faves’ as a great idea that could not find a home.  Well, we are in the ideas business…

Problem: The client didn’t perceive themselves to have a problem.  They were not considering a broadcast digital communication to youth but, they were in the mind-set of discovering who their youth clients are.

Challenge: Our brief was to develop a youth portal that encourages Zain customers to tell us who they are and what drives their relationship with their mobile telco service provider.

As part of our response to this core brief we wanted to broaden the conversation beyond just a youth portal.  We wanted to be recognized as innovative and leading Edge not just a microsite build team.

Solution: We created the strategy (and developed a 60 second demo) for an interactive youth targeted e-newsletter that was to be hosted on our youth portal but, also broadcast to a wider audience to help stimulate interest and registrations on our youth destination.

Creative execution: Created in the style of the Gorillaz (  The e-newsletter would feature sound and Flash animation – it would be truly rich media.  The core introduction would be open to all to view but, beyond this all content would require login.  To access the different sections of the           e-newsletter readers would simply scroll their mouse over key icons within the creative.  Click the icon and readers would enter this next layer.

For example the music reviews would be linked to i-Tunes.  Readers would be able to listen to soundbytes and purchase within the e-newsletter itself.  Movie reviews would link to the cinemas that are currently screening the featured titles.  All text would be supported by video.

Results: This newsletter has not yet seen the light of day. This casestudy demonstrates a strategic thought-process.


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