Panasonic Delivers ‘Sports Heaven’

Web and TV - The Fantasy Team

Web and TV - The Fantasy Team

Introduction: Rugby Union is the game they play in heaven!  So, if you don’t agree move on from here to another casestudy…

Problem: We had already created and executed an instore campaign supporting Panasonic Plasma models – but, now the Rugby world Cup (RWC) was with us – live on TV and Panasonic had agreed product placement within the broadcasts from France.

Challenge: Panasonic has a longterm sponsorship of the Australian Wallaby team but, at RWC events the sponsorship cannot be officially leveraged.  Panasonic is not a sponsor of the event.

Our challenge therefore was to establish a clear link between Panasonic Australia, the Wallaby team and the TV broadcasts by C10 without infringing the sponsorship agreement.

Solution: Each Friday of the live broadcasts (4 weeks) from France 5 retired Wallaby players debated the merits of the 160 (or so) players that over the years had played for our national team.

The focus of the ‘chatter’ was which players would make it into the ultimate fantasy team.  Our solution was to create a Fantasy Wallaby Team campaign microsite and invite viewers to register and create their own fantasy team for the chance to win $26,000 in Panasonic Plasma and Home Theatre equipment to deliver sports heaven everytime they watch sport.  True empowerment!

The promotion included 1,500 runner up prizes of Panasonic Wallaby supporter gear (bag, cap, t-shirt, scarf, water bottle).  But, the major prize was a HUGE Plasma TV, Home Theatre, all collateral component and $6,000 cash to help fund installation and a viewing party.

Creative challenges: The number of approval ‘touchpoints’ we had: Rugby Australia, Channel Ten and Panasonic.  Overlayed with the sensitivity associated with creating the game anyway.   With the RWC fast approaching who was going to supply the official list of every player that had played for Australia since the RWC was founded in 1988 AND their respective position in the different RWC events?

Creative execution: The game was a simple click-n-drag and viewers could revisit to update their selection as often as they wished after watching the latest broadcast and panel debate.

Corporate Considerations: Many key stakeholders get very heavy-handed about following Corporate Identity guidelines – yet their guidelines often don’t even cover web and campaign microsites – we often experience this anomaly.

Results: Once we had the selection of each of the retired players we averaged their choice(s) to create the ‘Ultimate Wallaby Fantasy Team’. The viewer that created a team that most closely matched the panel selection became the winner of the major prize.

The online game was ‘slick’! It reflected the positioning of C10 and looked like a sports site.  Online was the ideal platform to deliver complimentary engaging content and call to action for the live broadcasts.


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