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Delightfully Smart

Delightfully Smart

Introduction: Things don’t come-good this smoothly very often but, when they do…

Problem: We had a great dovetailing of conversations recently.  One client was discussing with us a monthly digital newsletter (we talked them down to one every two months) at roughly the same time our team presented at an LG conference and the MD of LG was excited at the potential for our regular broadcast to be used to launch all new product from LG Levant.

Bingo!  We had ‘buy-in’ from the top…

Challenge: The client is committed to making online marketing work for them.  Our broad challenge was to create and maintain a digital database for future marketing efforts.  Just like LG our team objective is to use advanced technology (in our marketing) but, ensure it is beautifully hidden.

Globally LG is committed to paving the way to the exciting digital future.  Our E-Newsletter could become one of the foundation stones of the future.

Considerations: We were holding a database of opt-in prospects who had played the LG Cookie Hunt and come in from other random online campaigns.  The Cookie Hunt database was stagnating after 3 months of no follow-up dialogue with the consumers in both Jordan and Lebanon. We really were at the crossroads – use it or lose it!

Solution: Digital E-Newsletters are the face of the future as long as marketeers follow the simple rules . We had even referred to E-Newsletter eye tracking research to help us optimize the readability of our publication.

Creative challenges: LG global have an E-Newsletter but, in our view it does not reflect the positioning that we wanted to achieve. http://www.lge.com/about/press_newsletter/form.jhtml

Creative execution: We saw the E-Newsletter as our opportunity to showcase as many of the digital tricks and features that we had presented in our pitch presentation 6 months earlier.  The E-Newsletter needed to become Delightfully Smart.

In the face of the regional benchmark being ‘flyers in an E-Mail’, we created a highly interactive E-Newsletter which allowed recipients to snack on content or dwell for extended periods of time.

We also have a vision for ‘LG TV’ which we launched in this E-Newsletter.  Our dream for ‘LG TV’ is that it will become the online portal for all LG short and longform video content in the Levant.  Ultimately, browsers will be able to download a widget and view any video content (from TVC’s to product demos to sporting events sponsored by LG).

From little acorns grow…

Corporate Identity: The E-Newsletter could be with our customers every two for a year.  We needed the piece to be corporately consistent yet fresh for each issue.  We created a template that delivered the corporate look and feel but, is also themable.  For example Eid is the premier-issue theme.  Issue No. 2 may be the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix (in support of the LG technology sponsorship).

We created the name Mobile Life to leverage both the product pillar that we are supporting (mobile) and naturally delivering the publication directly back to Life’s Good.

Results: Not released.


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