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15 Seconds of Fame

15 Seconds of Fame

Problem: This was a no-brainer.  We had been issued an RFP.  But, just as they are turgid so, was the response likely to be by default.

Challenge: How do we make ourselves look cool and funky (as indeed we are…) but, also answer the line-item requirements of the RFP in an unusual and engaging way.

The RFP requested samples of our TV, Radio and print work as well as the usual financial and structural questions.

Considerations: Traditionally agencies would respond to an RFP by way of a Powerpoint (or more likely) Word document accompanied by a CD ROM featuring TV and radio work.

Solution: We created two distinctly different documents.  Firstly, a paper A3 landscape ‘coffee-table’ book including hard cover.  In parallel to this we produced an interactive digital book in portrait format.

Every page of the digital book was animated and interactive.  This RFP was for LG Electronics in the Levant – so, (for example) when it came to showing our TV work, the full TVC’s were viewable within an LG TV screen.

On the front cover two staff members walked into frame and talk in a personalized manner direct to the client.  This was unique for an RFP in this region.

Creative challenges: We were constantly making amends during the 3 days that we had to build both documents.  It was essential that both documents featured the same content (without ‘typos’).

Creative execution: This was a ‘first’ for the digital book format in this region (here’s another that we produced: http://www.madison-digital.com/aramag/)– we had to ensure that the client understood how it worked and that zooming in and viewing of TVC’s was possible.

Results: The documents were hand delivered by a staff member (not a courier). This ensured brief interaction with the client at the time of handing over.  I have never (prior to this or since) seen a client hug a document – an RFP in particular – and say “its beautiful”!  Enough said…

Ah yes, it took some further hoop-jumping but we won the business.

Learning: We were talking to a consumer electronics client who claims on their corporate website that they own the ‘digital future’!  So, how about we talk to them in their language…

Digital delivers Hollywood.  This project galvanized both the on and offline creative teams – within their own team(s) – and in the prospect of working together again in future.  All of our creatives requested that they be involved in the next pitch.

Our (now) client told us that one of the agencies that we were up against talk broadly about ‘Moment of Truth’ and ‘Path to Purchase’ – the client commended us on better understanding these concepts than this agency.

When we used the technique for the next response to an RFP we simply E-Mailed a weblink to the prospective client.  We were able to monitor who was viewing the document, which sections they dwelled in and who/if they forwarded the document to colleagues or parties that were not authorized to view the document.


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