The E-Mail Marketing Journey

Tracking Through to Retail Conversion

Tracking Through to Retail Conversion

Introduction: It’s a pleasant surprise when clients want to support a campaign that delivers a database with a follow-up campaign to keep the brand / customer dialogue live.

Considerations: In this region E-Mail marketing is (in the main) just Spam! The database is not a warm list of expectant consumers who have opted into relevant communication.

Most E-Mail marketing that we see is basically a flyer produced by the brand agency pasted into the body of an E-Mail and sent out en-mass without even metrics.  Some of the largest clients work this way without any proof of the scale of the broadcast let alone open and Click-Through rates.

Problem: We were holding a database of opt-in prospects who had played the LG Cookie Hunt.  The database was stagnating after 3 months of no follow-up dialogue with the consumers in both Jordan and Lebanon.

Challenge: Create an E-Mail campaign to generate immediate sales of the LG Cookie phone but, additionally we wanted to demonstrate to the client marketing team how effective E-Mail marketing is.

Solution: In the face of the regional benchmark being ‘flyers in an E-Mail’, we created a highly interactive E-Mail which allowed recipients to view the corporate Cookie site (, allowed browsers to view all LG phones ( as well as opt-out (if desired) from future E-Mail communication.

The E-Mail included an exclusive offer and gave convenient locations for prospects to redeem the offer.  We were thus able to track basic conversion rates for the first time.

Creative challenges: Changing the mindset of those around us that an interactive E-Mail would deliver a higher conversion rate than simply a static flyer.

Creative execution: Only one execution was created.  Our recommendation was to test at least 3 message/offer variants.

Results: Not released.


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