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Digital Brand Engagement

Digital Brand Engagement

Introduction: Perhaps the perfect engagement strategy involves 5D marketing.  Utilising: Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell, Touch, Hear.

Problem: In the Levant LG Electronics enjoys a great reputation for its range of household products but LG’s mobile phone range does not seemed to have come anywhere near reaching critical mass.

Challenge: The LG Cookie phone is one of the models being used in this region to help kick-start the brand.

Once the target audience get the phone into their hands it’s clear that the features are very similar to the iPhone but, at a highly favourable price.  Therefore the challenge is to get prospects touching, feeling and playing with the phone.

Solution: Our target audience is young, savvy, digital natives who know technology and are always on top of the latest ‘kit’ but, may not have the cash currently to be able to afford the iconic brands (such as iPhone).

The web is their playground.  It didn’t take a media planner to tell us that.  We decided that the best way to give prospects (in Jordan and Lebanon) a product experience and to clearly communicate the features of the phone was to create a branded interactive game where the challenges involved the key features of the phone.

Creative challenges: Our team are not game builders!  There is a (not so) fine line between commercial creative and content and getting carried away with developing the next Nintendo Classic…

Creative execution: We created a viral game that offered consumers the chance to win one of 6 Cookie phones (over a 6 week period). The game was country specific and required browsers to register their details prior to accessing the game.

Media: The game was supported by placement of a hotlink on the corporate site, social networks, msn and an e-mail broadcast.

Results: This was one of the first forays into online for this regional client.  The client has now briefed game roll-out across the Levant for up to 12 months with regular prize ‘refresh’.  The dwell rates and levels of engagement enjoyed were unique in this region.

The opt-in database of players has now been e-mailed with an exclusive Cookie offer that allows our team to track through to conversion at retail in both Amman and Beirut.

Learning: Digital delivers Hollywood.  Our team closely followed the look and feel of Cookie creative from around the world to ensure that we did not suffer corporate rejection of our creative output.   Our analytics were extensive to support our client’s faith in digital and online marketing.  We didn’t achieve 5D communication but, we came close.


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