What Would Your Sports Heaven Be

What More Could An Aussie Want

What More Could An Aussie Want

Introduction: Rugby Union is the game they play in heaven!  So, if you don’t agree move on from here to another casestudy…

Problem: Consumers (in Australia) purchase large screen and Plasma TV’s during the lead up to sporting events and prior to family periods such as Christmas.

Considerations: How interested or engaged with a French RWC would Australian consumers be?  None of the games would even be played at a sensible time of day in Australia.  And, the Australian team were certainly not performing at their best during the months prior to the tournament start.

A recent survey carried out by performance improvement company, Grass Roots Group, have shown that many salespeople are lacking the basic, fundamental skill of selling.

Challenge: Create a consumer retail programme to leverage the superior viewing features of Panasonic Plasma during this cluttered and highly competitive pre-event sales period.  Our objective was to drive consumers to ask for Panasonic product – not just hope that retail staff would be advocates…

Solution: We created a concept that offered prizing: (1.) guaranteed reward for purchase, (2.) daily prizes, (3.) instant prizes and (4.) a major prize.

Creative challenges: Panasonic sponsors many international sporting events.  We didn’t want to alienate the broader audience who possibly were not interested in RWC and RWC themed incentives.

Creative execution: Our theme was “Put Yourself in Sports Heaven”. The chance to win an all expenses trip to any event that Panasonic sponsored – including the Olympics in China (valued at $50,000).

As I said earlier Rugby Union is the game they play in heaven – so, our theming worked well across all segments.

Retail Mechanic: Stores are all slowly becoming ‘clean-aisle’. Consumers were exposed to themed instore theatre but, entry to the promotion was via a campaign microsite and required a valid sales receipt.

The online mechanic included a themed instant kicking game that was also viral to help drive prospects to our campaign site.

Learning: It was the digital engine that managed the multiple consumer interactions that are required in any consumer programme.  And of course the multiple prizing that was awarded.  Supported by a comprehensive suite of analytics we were even able to monitor prices paid by consumers and therefore retail discounting and out-of-stock trending.


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