60 Seconds With Taylor-Riley

Corporate Hooligan

Corporate Hooligan

Jeremy Taylor-Riley is a communication journeyman – he claims to wake up every morning curious and chants ‘it’s a brave new world’ before he leaps out of bed – often to cycle 50 klm before work…

So, what is your favourite biscuit? McVities Chocolate Orange Jaffa Cakes – Orange is one of my favourite colours too.  Along with Purple.

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? That the world is a big and beautiful place to be enjoyed.  I didn’t start my nomadic career until I was 26 yr – readers should get out there and enjoy the world!

What haven’t you achieved yet? I promised myself that I would at some stage  B.A.S.E Jump, write a book and release a Dance Music CD.  I still have a few years to catch up on my failings.

What is your favourite book? So, far ‘E’ by Matt Beaumont – and my second favourite is likely to be ‘E Squared’ when I get to read it.

What’s the silliest thing you carry with you – do you have a lucky charm? It’s not a lucky charm but, when I fly I have my talking ALF doll (Alien Life Form) with me.  He sits with me anytime the passenger next to me looks like they want to chat for 14 hours!  ALF helps me appear ‘special’…

What do you drive? Currently my favourite vehicle is my Mountain Bike – I have three for some reason…  But, I am a ‘corporate hooligan’ so, I also have the current Monaro.

What ‘irks’ you most? People who leave no mark on their day.  Whatever business you are in.  If you are going to leave no echo, you should not be in that job.

Ok, so, what’s your matra in life? I don’t apologise for being corny here: ‘Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero’ – we each have around 80 years on this earth.  Make every day count – leave your echo!  You can only do this by taking risks.  Peter Drucker said:  “There is the risk you cannot afford to take and there is the risk you cannot afford not to take”! Scare yourself everyday with a risk that you cannot afford not to take.

What would you do if you weren’t in the communications business? I love the law. A great combination of fine-detail and ‘panto’ theatrics…  Being a Barrister would have been great fun.

What is playing on your iPod today? Strange day today!  I have been playing ‘Hedkandi World Series Brazil’ and earlier today some John Williamson – hey true blue…  I was ‘having a moment’.

What do you want to achieve in the communications industry before you ‘pop this mortal coil’? To have made a contribution to re-injecting spirit and a sense of fun into the industry – I ran away to this circus because of characters such as Allen Brady and Marsh.  We need some of that confidence and silliness back in our industry.


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