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Potential Gold Mine For SC

Potential Gold Mine For SC

Did you see that recently Standard Chartered Bank signed sponsorship of Liverpool Football Club?  Has to be said that it did make me wonder if the bank had more pressing objectives for (the rumoured) Pounds 20 Million that the sponsorship costs per year (  Now freeze that thought…

Ad avoidance is plaguing us all – on and offline.  But, content partnerships are one way around this.  LG has achieved this through their association with F1 – using their site LG Racing site as a portal for ‘all things F1’ (

Third silo of thought!  This Saturday (10th October 2009) the England v Ukraine World Cup soccer qualifier is being broadcast exclusively online across most UK newspaper sites and at UK cinemas – for the first time no live TV broadcast.

For Pounds 4.99 you can watch the game online.  But, the price is Pounds 4.99 today.  As we get closer to Saturday the viewing price increases to Pounds 11.99 (if you Pay-2-View on the day).

Now, back to Standard Chartered bank.  Naturally, the global database of Liverpool fans will be very important to the bank.  But, picture the potential upside for the bank if this Saturday’s game proves to be a web success.  What a great way to drive traffic to the SC site and stimulate significant dwell rates – show Liverpool games online! With the right negotiations SC might even be able to create commercial breaks featuring their own TV commercials.  The global audience could be significant.

I love this business! I will report back next week with the viewing figures – but, good or bad it’s a great evolution for longform web content (


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