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Mines Bigger Than Yours

Mines Bigger Than Yours

LG consumer electronics (www.lgeracing.com) is now a global and technology partner of F1 – being the official time-keeper and data provider for TV broadcasting.  Panasonic (www.f1.panasonic.com) is a global partner of the Toyota F1 race team.  Both manufacturers have established their association for the following reasons: pioneering cutting edge technology, innovation and excellence in stylish packaging.  Both manufacturers would also see themselves as being as passionate about their respective products and company team(s) – just as the F1 key stakeholders are.

Both brands play ‘hardball’ in retail – an environment that is cluttered and difficult to manage.  In Australia it is a challenge to secure retail exposure and sales staff appear to have very limited technical knowledge of the products they are selling.

It will be interesting to see how each manufacturer leverages their respective sponsorship most effectively.  Panasonic has been around the F1 circus for years – LG is the new kid on the block. Panasonic became the founding title sponsor of the Toyota F1 team in 2002.

As part of the Panasonic leverage of F1 they launched (1st October 2009) their Australian retail staff incentive programme.  In its digital form the Panasonic Team Viera 100 programme is in it’s third year.  The retail staff engagement programme is well timed to incent staff endorsement during the sales period leading up to the Christmas (www.panasonic-viera100.com.au).

But, where from here?  LG does have a limited edition F1 mobile phone…  But the challenge for the two manufacturers to create distinctly different and brand-unique consumer and retail trade engagement programmes.

The beauty of sponsorship (http://www.morebusiness.com/running_your_business/marketing/Sponsorship-Marketing.brc) is that it can deliver associations and messaging that raises the brand out of the retail and advertising clutter – but, when two brands have (in the eye of the consumer) overlapping sponsorships and product features, then all the two brands have achieved is digging themselves deeper into the clutter that they have invested $ millions in trying to escape from.

Watch this space!


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