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Gimmee another VB

Gimmee another VB

Yes, there are so many ways to skin a cat!  This innovative approach to beer marketing is from the archive but, it was such an effective campaign that it’s valuable to remind ourselves of it’s genius – and that it would not have worked without digital being at the heart of the concept.  This consumer and trade brand engagement programme serviced both the tactical and strategic brand objectives.

VB (Victoria Bitter) – Australia’s favourite beer is a major sponsor of Australian cricket.  Summer for all Aussie blokes means ‘beer & cricket’.  So, surprise, surprise that (3 years running) VB rolled out this concept.

As you may recall the promotion revolved around (year one) a talking figurine called ‘The Boony Doll’.  The figurines were produced by Veil Technologies in the U.S (http://www.veilinteractive.com/CaseStudy/casestudy_Boony.htm).

VB and cricket fans could claim the figurine at retail or via the VB promotion website in return for cash and proofs of purchase. ‘The Boony Doll’ took the once-passive viewership of TV cricket to new levels of interaction and engagement.  When placed infront of your TV ‘Boony’ just wanted to chat!

The opportunities were endless – ‘Boony’ commentated on the game being watched, suggested consumption of his favourite beer, reminded viewers to enter the TV broadcast promotion and generally performed like the real David Boon.

‘The Boony Doll’ was intrinsically linked to the brand and built into the very fabric of the brand’s sponsorship.  ‘Boony’ (and his digital technology) delivered a whole new level of interactivity into brand marketing.  The figurine was the portal for this multi-channel campaign.  The campaign ticked all the boxes…  Including increasing VB sales by well over 30%.

See also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJrTHDhdOx0


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