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australia_dvd_20090217I was reminded recently of a fabulous tool that I had exposure to that integrates both digital and traditional comms tools to deliver a unique  way to engage consumers.

A few years ago The Times newspaper pioneered the inclusion of interactive discs in the weekend edition. The insert was called ‘The Month’. The discs were created as a digital interactive multi-media publication.  For example in the movie section of the multi-media publication, movie trailers were included and browsers could click to purchase tickets online through a national cinema chain.  The same was also true of the music section of the publication.  Listen to tracks, read the reviews and click to purchase online.  Naturally, these specific sections were all sponsored.

Now fastforward to 2008 in Australia.  News Ltd has a regular digital weekend newspaper offer.

The Sunday titles nationally often include a value-add disc insert that could deliver anything from a music CD, a digital travel brochure for JetStar – perhaps even a FREE copy of one of the early Harry Potter movies used to highly the theatrical launch of the latest title from the franchise.

But, this channel could offer so much more!

In my opinion this digital media format is perfect for certain categories in addition to those already detailed.  How about TV’s?  How about BluRay?  Or, even some general education on when to choose Plasma, LCD or HD TV formats…

The beauty of partnering with News Ltd is that the discs are distributed to (approx) 1.4 million readers nationally.  Subject to the content of the disc, the content and any promotional offer are also TV advertised and there is significant P.R and editorial support.

I had exposure to this interesting format on behalf of a global Plasma TV manufacturing client.  Plasma TV’s are perfect for viewing sports events and Hollywood blockbusters.  News Ltd partnered with the movie ‘Australia ‘– certainly a big screen cinematic spectacular that was receiving global publicity in the window leading up to it’s Australian cinematic launch.

In general it does not matter whether the movie is popular or not with audiences (after launch) as long as the opportunity is being leveraged (by the marketeer) during the    pre-publicity period.

The media partnership would include our client sponsoring the disc content including an exclusive  ‘making of’ documentary as well as our client being able to leveraging the benefits of Plasma when viewing big screen titles within the content of the disc.

Not only is the digital format perfect medium to demonstrate the benefits of Plasma but, also the features of BluRay relative to competitive viewing technology.  Add to these benefits the fact that the discs (all 1.4 Million) are distributed directly into the hands of an interested audience.   As part of the deal (upto) 200,000 discs are also made available for use instore and as inserts in any DM campaigns.  Remember too that if the disc is viewed on a computer that is online, all clicks are tracked and viewers can be incentivised to opt-in to future marketing campaigns.

I love this tool!


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