A New Regional Benchmark

Introduction: You may think that this is just a simple site build but, it’s not.  So, read on…

Problem: Most telco’s in the M.E have a majority of Pre-Paid customers (rather than monthly Post-Paid customers). This has many ramifications not least of which are ‘churn’ and customer loyalty – not to mention corporate planning.

Challenge: Our brief has been to develop a youth portal that encourages Zain customers to tell us who they are and what drives their relationship with their mobile telco service provider.

Naturally, this is/should be a longterm strategy not just a 2009 tactic.  Time will tell which it becomes…

Solution: First we started with name-generation.  Three agencies were creating names and the client had their own view as well.  But, we got there eventually – the portal was to be called Zain SKYZ.  The brand agency supplied core creative and our team delivered the ‘build’ and ongoing interactive ‘smarts’ to bring the site to life.

Creative challenges: The client was mid change from Publicis to Saatchi for creative leadership – messy!  But, also as with many telco briefs they are generated ‘on the fly’ – and often not well thought through prior to agency briefing.

Creative execution: TV creative origination is limited in the M.E.  Most Pan-M.E work either comes out of agencies in Dubai or is an international adaptation.  Hence most brand agency creatives think in print rather than in moving pictures.  Our digital team was able to take the static Saatchi creative and deliver colour, movement and lifestyle to help move hearts and minds.

We were obliged to bring the name to life – and deliver a sense of ‘the skies the limit’ and ‘reach for the skies’…

Results: Our relationship survived the roller-coaster ride that comes from working without a brief or a true vision.  We have completed phase 1.0.  At the close of this working phase we had already achieved (potentially) the largest opt-in youth database in Jordan.  Certainly the largest of any of the telcos.

Phase 2.0 is to deliver stickiness to the portal and continued reasons to revisit and recommend.  Phase 3.0 will be to actively market the portal to a broader audience and use the portal as an acquisition tool, not just a loyalty tool.

Learning: Digital delivers Hollywood.  Often digital creatives are better at delivering a TV spot than traditional brand creatives.  However, digital creatives live in the shadow of brand creatives.  Roll on the day when our digital guys finally realize their true ‘televisual-talent’…


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