Post-Digital Era Planning

digital planning There has been a ‘flurry’ recently over strategic media planning.  Although the tips that follow were positioned as Top Tips for Digital Media Planning frankly, I think that they should be at the heart of all digital agencies not just the digital media-planning department…

Get into bed with the creative agency

Who would believe it?  Collaboration…  No shit Sherlock.  If the lead agency is not involved in your creative process, you are doomed from the start.

Internet is a two-way medium.  So, use it…

Use the web to learn more about your prospects and customers.  Even an online brand campaign should engage. Without a two-way street there is no engagement.

Define the role of digital within your plan.

It’s not always about ‘clicks’.  Simple…

Talk to media owners and publishers early.

Again, collaborate!  Share strategies with relevant media owners and key stakeholders – trust your partners.

Swap media schedules!  What cross media-channel opportunities exist.

Although this refers to on and offline media schedules it really does go far beyond this.  We should work with and in tune with our partner agencies – more brains (generally) are better than fewer.

Involve the ‘nerds’ at an early stage.

For two reasons.  1.) They feel part of the overall creative process and 2.) They generally know more than the rest of us about helping to bring our strategically-sound creative communication to life.  Thus helping to move hearts and minds and (of course) solve business issues.

Retain some budget for unexpected eventualities.

This does not mean ‘save some cash to cover up when the shit hits the fan’! There are often good unexpected eventualities!

It’s not just about the ads – where are we sending the browser?

We need to think more broadly about the current campaign and our clients business needs.   Some of our budget should be focused on the campaign destination not just the route there – what do we want browsers to experience once they reach the destination? For example if you are feeding traffic to your website or blockpage.  Remember it is not be a repository of sleepy facts and the annual report!  Your website can be your daily news and entertainment show triggering participation, sharing and return visits.

If it’s not working – fix it!

Not only do we need budget to fix those bad eventualities but, we should also be constantly monitoring our campaign as well as having a relationship with our client where they understand that digital marketing is an ongoing ‘test’! There is no such thing as a roll-out where we light the blue touch-paper and stand well clear!

Stay in touch – if they have opted-in, keep in touch

This goes back to ‘it’s not just about the ads’. If you have engaged browsers and got them to opt-in to future communication, don’t piss them off by forgetting about them.  Secondly, keeping in touch is your way to facilitate ‘the next brief’…


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