Tactical Strategy – ‘The Missing Link’

Deeper tactical insightsPicture this – a Below-the-Line agency (in response to a brief) recommends that every time they develop a tactical programme for the client they should continue to re-invent the wheel and ignore learnings from past tactical activity.

Surely, this agency would be sacked?  No!  If you ask any client in FMCG-Land in Australia I am sure that they would agree that their partner agencies often do ignore past learnings and don’t leverage data and insights from previous tactical programmes.

This scenario is reflective of the tactical nature of tactical programmes (that’s why they are tactical) as well as the turnover of client executives in consumer marketing.  Is there anyone left that prides themselves on being the custodian of brand history?

We should also remember that FMCG tactical budgets rarely cater for research / data / learnings / insights and future planning investment.

‘Promotions 2.0’ could be the missing link in closing the loop – what!  Promotions could deliver strategic insights!!!!!

Yes, the web can facilitate (and, frankly always has) incentive marketing and promotional marketing insights.  This mining of deeper behavioral insights starts and finishes with embracing online and interactive marketing.

As an example.  Pepsi North America (www.pepsi.ca) has created a promotional portal to help manage its audience and the purchase history of these consumers.

But, what does this mean?

When any consumer visits the Pepsi site – to enter a promotion or just to browse – they are required to register their details at Pepsi HUB. From this initial engagement whenever these registered guests enter the site they are fast-tracked to where they want to be within the site, with no further need to register.  This immediately delivers a value proposition to browsers but, registered guests are also regularly updated of special offers and events that are being hosted by brands within the Pepsi portfolio.

The value to Pepsi? Richer purchase and lifestyle insights about customers regardless of the brand or portfolio of brands that consumers are and have been purchasing.  The HUB delivers a true matrix of buying behaviour insights to help power future communication planning.


~ by rtymerej on November 25, 2009.

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