Who Is Sitting At Your Digital Planning Table

Engaged thinking

I was recently in a meeting with one of the largest digital and interactive agencies in the world.  They are very creative and highly-awarded.  I was proudly told that the Sydney office has 25 staff in their planning/buying team…


BUT, I still sensed that this agency (part of a global communication group) are structured in ‘old-world’ Silos.  I was also questioned about how limited my planning/buying experience was.

Here’s my frustration with this simplistic line of discussion…  Content V’s Context.

Content being the words and pictures – Context being the media channel (on or offline). Planner/buyers cannot work in isolation from the rest of the agency!

In the digital world add to these two C’s a 3rd C –  Construction. Construction being is the communication built in Flash, an expandable format, an Eyeblaster, etc?

Which brings me back to media planning/buying as a Silo.  This service cannot be a ‘standalone’.

Digital media strategy development must encompass all communication  disciplines – it requires an ability to think diagonally – dialing up digital creativity (including media space and placement innovation) requires an understanding of offline creative (brand and ‘call to action’), coupled with an understanding of digital media planning as well as digital formats.

How do we/I achieve this?  By ensuring that digital planners are involved at the strategy and creative conception stage (not sleeping in the media department) – to allow the best chance of greatness!

Leading the process requires an ‘engaged thinker’… closing the gap between technical knowledge and marketing and communication know-how.

Could this be the stimulus for agency rebundling?


~ by rtymerej on November 25, 2009.

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