In At The Digital Deep End

I love this project for many reasons.  We created a unique programme is just a few weeks.  The programme mechanic was genuinely ‘never-seen’ in Australia.  And, the digital asset that our team created perfectly reflected the Panasonic global sponsorship of the Olympic Games.

Without the digital ‘engine’ and metrics behind our game engine this unique promotion would not have been possible.  During the 74-day promotional campaign we offered $30,000 retail value of prizing every day including instant prizing each hour of the retail day. The promotion also invited opt-in to the Panasonic database.

Shoppers were invited to purchase any of the featured Audio Visual products from the Panasonic range during the pre-Olympic Games promotional period.  Media momentum was led by TV coverage on Network Seven Australia.  In return for purchase consumers had the opportunity to win Panasonic product through our interactive virtual Olympic swimming event.

Panasonic is a longstanding Olympic Partner and in Australia is a broadcast sponsor as well as a sponsor of individual swimmers within the Australian team.

The consumer promotion was heavily merchandised at retail and in print. The retail promotion was launched to the trade digitally through Current (  and in face-to-face retail presentations (

Purchasers visited our promotional campaign microsite to register their purchase and play the Panasonic Swim2Win game.  Each day of the promotional period there were multiple instant prizes plus a major daily Prize Draw awarding $25,000 RRP in Panasonic product.  To win purchasers viewed a Flash based swimming race.  Participants selected 3 swimmers from the 9 in the race.  If any of the selected swimmers won the race then the participant instantly won Panasonic product and were entered into the daily Prize Draw (

During the early days of the campaign we wanted to ensure significant Word of Mouth (WOM) even as we slowly built sales and promotion entry.  Through our dashboard we were able to maximise the number of prize winners each day.

Although mechanically this was a simple 3 from 9 instant win game, creatively the Swim2Win event was engaging and intriguing for participants.

Monitoring entries real-time meant that we were able to manage prize awards and establish geographically where the promotional activity was live (as it rolled out) and in which store chains.  Over time these analytics would help us profile retailers for their brand support and potentially even the Panasonic sales force for their merchandising efficiency – display equates with sales!

Even with the compressed timeframe we managed to have some fun – once the promotion period was over, when browsers visited the site rather than seeing a impersonal ‘promotion over’ message they viewed a dimly lit swimming stadium with no crowd and a lone cleaner sweeping the public areas…


The online game created online ‘chatter’ with both consumers ( and competitors                                               ( – all helped us achieve digital critical mass and incremental sales.

The validation and fulfilment of so many prizes would have been complicated and painful without our game engine. Digital was at ‘the heart of the interaction with consumers’ and the web asset became the glue that held all other media together – from paid for to PR.  However, it was essential that all key stakeholders worked together.


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