Contagious Ideas Require a Contagious Agency Model

Recently an agency groupe refreshed its proposition as Contagious Ideas… I love the evolution of our industry that this term implies but, question how it works in reality.

It wasn’t so long ago in our industry, that the holy grail was an ad that “broke through the clutter,” was “attention getting,” “memorable,” “persuasive”…

But, today, in the new re-invented world that is the internet, digital video recorders, mobile devices and myriad other technology — all in the hands of an empowered consumer — the new holy grail is maximized presence and multiplied exposure as a result of having an idea picked up, shared, played with, assimilated into the consumer’s life.

Some call it viral; some call it buzz.   This agency groupe call it Contagious Ideas…

But, whatever it is this is a fundamental game-changer.  In every respect!

Creativity has been unleashed; Brands have been set free. Consumers are co-creators.  Consumer communities are “channels” of influence in their own right.  We want to engage in two-way conversations not one-way communications.  Listening and learning is preeminent.  Not that listening and learning is an obvious trait in agency-land.

For this agency groupe the key focus of what they try to do every day, for every client, across every discipline is to – create Contagious Ideas…

*  Ideas that get talked about.

*  Ideas that instigate and change conversations.

*  Ideas that spiral, resonate, reverberate.

*  Ideas that take on lives of their own and are taken in to the lives of our target consumer.

*  Ideas that ultimately help brands become a much bigger, more important, more interesting part of people’s lives.

So, yes – Contagious Ideas – the future… but, coming from an agency model that is based on paid-for media?  I don’t think so…

If truly empowering the consumer to co-create the brand meaning is the way of the future (regardless of whether its called viral, buzz or Contagious…) – how does an agency (any agency) achieve this when their Profit and Loss model is based on planning and selling media that costs significant budgets…


~ by rtymerej on March 7, 2010.

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