Eureka Moment

I had a eureka moment this week.  The problem with these moments is that one person’s eureka is an other person’s D’oh (written in a Homer Simpson typestyle).

My team are currently working with a quasi government department – we received a brief last week to deliver the online assets supporting an offline campaign that talks about: 1.) the environmental cost of poor driving skills; 2.) the petrol cost of poor road discipline and; 3.) the urban myth that speeding and aggressive driving actually can save drive-time…

I work with an agency that offers through the line solutions to client communication needs including: Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing and digital and interactive.

Historically, the agency (in this market) has sold each tool independently of the others – the silo approach continues…  madness!

So, my eureka moment?  It wasn’t an original ‘moment’ – it was just a thought that was deep in my sub-conscious that finally percolated to the surface.  The insight was?!?!?

Low and behold if we focus on selling digital we will drag Sales Promo and Direct Marketing in its wake…  D’oh, digital and interactive are a channel – the context. Sales Promotion and/or Direct Marketing are the content.  So, if we centre digital at the core of our thinking, it will bring with it all other relevant disciplines and communication tools…

So,  eureka or D’oh?


~ by rtymerej on March 7, 2010.

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