The Most Mis-Used Term in the World of ‘Comms’…

Is it ‘social networking’ ‘cross platform’, ‘holistic’ or even the dreaded term ‘integrated’?  For me, it’s the term ‘digital’.  Not only is the term not accurate in the context in which it is used but, it is also a feature not a benefit.  In short the word is being used in media and marketing in a manner where the term does not do the job it’s required to do.

Ok, so there is the ‘analogue’ world of communication and the now ‘digital’ world.  But, so what!?  The real difference between the two worlds is that ‘analogue’ channels deliver a one-way intrusive broadcast.  ‘Digital’ media delivers the opportunity for interactivity…               A two-way conversation – not – a one-way broadcast.

Now overlay this inaccuracy with use of the term ‘digital’  in the conversation on switch to digital TV and digital radio – and, while we are at it let’s also add digital printing and digital media in shopping Malls (meaning generally video screens). The really scary thing is that people are interchanging the term ‘digital’ with the term internet.

We need to be more precise in our communication language and terms…

What I support about using the term interactive is the built in return-path that interactive media offers.  This interactive return-path delivers us the real value of what we ‘do’ – two way conversation that can lead to engagement that leads to data capture and ultimately insights that lead to a better brand experience for customers and prospects, resulting in incremental sales.

Conclusion: I am proud to work in the business of interactive media and communications.


~ by rtymerej on March 21, 2010.

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