Loose Talk

Three words to describe yourself. Curious, honest, celebrationist (if such a word existed)

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an actor.  But, although I didn’t get into drama school, I feel that much of what we do in ‘agencyland’ involves a significant amount of ‘performance-art’.

Advice to recruits entering the communications business. That’s simple!  We work in the industry that is the most fun you can have with your cloths on…  But, respect that if you get into the industry you have been VERY lucky and you need to ‘be the best’ in return – ‘the best’ not the ‘best you can be’ – be the best and you will be rewarded with life’s riches…

If your office was on fire, what two things would you rescue? Most importantly my iPod.  It delivers the soundtrack to my life.  Secondly,  my MacBook Pro – it’s got my second largest library of music.

What trends do you predict for the next 12 months in media and communications? Clients and agencies will be even more confused about digital and interactive marketing.  Social media will continue to grow thus adding to the confusion (as it’s currently difficult to monitor/measure). The only way forward (in my humble opinion) is for ‘analogue’ and ‘digital’ agencies to work together.  This won’t happen in 2010!

What is at the top of your ‘Bucket List’? Becoming a dad, writing a book, becoming a B.A.S.E jumper and releasing a CD.  Oh, and in  business – taking my current agency to it’s rightful and respected place in the local market.

What is the alter-ego lurking in your background? Ha… I have always felt like an Indian (of the North American type) acting as a tracker for the US army during the period that the West was wild.  I am (if I may say so myself) quite good at quickly understanding the diverse ‘local landscape’ and determining the path through it.

Best and Worst Choices of your career: Yikes!  The best choice of my life was the decision (in 1986) to move to Australia – that choice changed the shape of both my social and business life.  Worst choice?  None.  Out of every poor choice comes a good outcome – even if it’s just a valuable lesson…  No regrets!

How has your career background prepared you for your current role? I have been lucky enough to work in most disciplines of communication.  I feel truly discipline and media neutral in my approach to responding to clients communication needs.


2010: Client Services Director – G2 Melbourne

2008 – 2009: Chief Innovation Officer – Publicis Groupe, Jordan

2006 – 2008: Strategy Director –  Kaleidoscope Marketing, Sydney

2005 – 2006: Managing Director – Wunderman, Jordan

1999 – 2005: Managing Partner – MarComm Partnership, Sydney

1997 – 1999: Managing Director – 141 Worldwide, Canada

1993 – 1997: Acquisition Practice Leader – Wunderman, Australia

‘Other’ Highlights

2010: Marriage

2010: Becoming a dad

1987 – 1988: Country Manager – Saatchi, Thailand


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