The Tabloids Are Nolonger the Prime Influencer Over Public Opinion

The current (March 2010) Wikipedia page for the Melbourne Herald newspaper states that it is the highest-circulating daily newspaper in Australia with a  weekday circulation of 515,000 and readership of 1,500,000.

We (in Victoria) have two elections looming in 2010 – State and Federal.  But, even in the short space of time since the last election(s) the media influence has significantly evolved – it is the internet that will (this time) win it for the respective successful candidate.

Reports indicate that 90% of Australians are now online.  The three most common uses of the web today are: news, sport and weather;  banking and finance and maps.  Closely followed by bill paying and directories (Yellow and Whites Pages). Infact 55% of internet users have purchased online within the last 12 months.  The average spend being $450.  These are exciting stats.

Back to the electioneering. This year it is highly likely that reputations will be built and eroded online via channels including Twitter, Blogs and traditional   web assets such as the political parties sites.  Yes, ‘back in the day’ it was the dailies that formed the voting patterns of the masses.  But, take a look around you as you read this post.  How many of your colleagues are under 25 years and how many of them (do you think) purchased a newspaper today (or any day). Then ask yourself if you think that your colleagues are even browsing the online assets of the traditional news publishers such as the Herald Sun for their news updates – highly unlikely…

The internet is a more powerful force to shape election opinion and drive people to election booths in 2010.  Blogs and social media reflect the true pulse of our nation today.  Online is where most people get their opinions shaped, where reputations are born and die.  Opinion forming is nolonger the province of the dailies.

Watch this space as we tick an other box for interactive communication and social media.  IF the 2010 elections are digitally led, this will further accelerate consumer usage and brand understanding/confidence in interactive media channels.


~ by rtymerej on March 28, 2010.

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