Strategic Planners V’s Experienced Account Service

Forgive me for the blatant reference to MasterChef Australia but, if you one of the near 2 Million regular viewers you will hopefully understand where I am coming from.  I have always been in awe of the great Strategic Planners that exist within the Australian Advertising industry.

But,  I had the following ‘ah-ha’ moment in bed last night… as we generally do!  You know, around 3.15am. Here is my MasterChef analogy to bring the ‘ah-ha’ to life.  Tony Bilson is often described as the father of (or is it the grandfather of…) modern Australian cuisine – – So, if Tony Bilson is one face of modern culinary thinking then Heston Blumenthal OBE is definitely a very different face of the kitchen – – Heston turns your brain inside out and back to front.  He is on the culinary ‘bleeding edge’…

Now, to my point!  I am constantly seeing recruitment ads for ‘Strat-Planners’ in agencies ‘other’ than traditional advertising agencies.  As much as I respect the original planners and Directors of Consumer Insights (‘Mr Bilson’), well-rounded and experienced suits in these new age agencies should also hold their heads up high.

As I write I am looking at a recruitment ad for a Senior Strategic Planner in an international digital agency.  In essence I believe that a planner (‘Heston’ our senior suit) in digital-land takes the core of the wonderful work of Chef Tony Bilson and adds the magic of  Chef Heston.  Because, remember that Blumenthal combines science and chemistry to the art of cooking.

Planners (usually a ‘suit’) in a digital/interactive agency are expected to take the fundamental insight that the brand agency works with and deliver a re-birth of the core advertising idea that 1.) makes the most of the digital media that it exists in from both the perspective of; 2.) space and; 3.) technology and; 4.) understands the mindset that the browser is in when they consume the media idea.  All of this experience also, lives within the atmosphere of continuing to pay homage to; 5.) the original advertising platform…  Oh yes, then throw in the challenge of engaging the browser so that they are happy to opt in for future marketing.

No simple task – it takes a deep understanding of idea creation, media planning/buying, technology, direct marketing, promotional marketing, CRM, the digital economy and social media…

Senior digital ‘suits’ hold your heads high…

P.S: The sidebar debate by the way is did Tony Bilson capture the mood of Australia or did he create the food-mood of our nation?


~ by rtymerej on June 22, 2010.

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