Coffee Just Got More Social

This is a post to get something off my chest!  What frustrates me in the communications industry – one of the many things – is that we seem to fight amongst ourselves rather than focus on creating a better future… for our clients.

For example.  Recently, the head of a local DM agency told me that her digital and paper-based DM teams were/are at war with each other.  It sounds to me like turf-war. But, why do these perfectly matched partners need to bang their chests?

The current ‘Great Debate’ though seems to be which part of ‘the’ agency owns Social Media…  The argument seems to range from: The tool features the word ‘media’, so the media department own it – all the way through to the P.R department because the SocMe is much more about investment of headhours rather than the purchase of ad units and 30 second blocks of interruptive/disruptive attention.

So, first the goods news.  Take a look at this link, then we can move on with the conversation.

Even Starbucks though has had some issues with one of its partners but, in general for me the beauty of this commitment to SocMe is that it is ongoing and fluid… SocMe is part of the DNA of Starbucks not an add on.


~ by rtymerej on August 2, 2010.

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