Paid And Social Media Can Live Together

Wheres Wally?

Our team was recently working with a telco in Iraq.  Possibly NOT the first place that you would expect Social Media or User Generated Content (UGC) being used as communication tools. But, hey this is all part of what frustrates me about our industry – we relish creating new terms and believe that when the ‘new’ term (Social Media) is created, it depicts a ‘new’ discipline within the communications industry.

Well to state an obvious… there are many of us who have been working in socialized media and encouraging consumers to create content – that becomes viral for many years prior to 2010.

Anyway, our strategic client recommendation for the new platform for communication was:  Diversity is our Strength.  If you look at the cultural and religious landscape of Iraq you might be tempted to think that diversity is the country’s likely downfall – however, it’s the understanding of this diversity and the ability to service this fragmented nation that gave us the flexibility and agile approach to succeed and therefore this line.

One of our recommendations to help bring the platform of Diversity is our Strength to life was to ask our client’s customers to take a mobile phone picture of themselves or another Asiacell customer.  They would then MMS it to a corporate number to be included in the next advertising campaign for the brand and supporting its new proposition.

As you can see from the creative execution the campaign would encourage (participation) customers to find themselves in the respective executions.  They would then tell friends and family to seek them out and this would likely encourage additional customers to go through the same social process.


~ by rtymerej on August 2, 2010.

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