The Greatest Teaching Tool Since the Printing Press?

Although there have been a few negative comments about this iPad book we should remember that this app is fantastic in how it mashes up so much of the best of digital and interactive thinking…

This review is from an obviously happy customer!  I keep twisting and turning my iPad with childlike wonder while reading the familiar tale of the adventures of a girl named Alice. For the first time in my life, I’m blown away by an interactive book design.

Alice for the iPad is a cute app, which contains a slightly interactive version of a beloved story. It’s not interactive to the point of annoyance and tackiness, but instead full of clever little touches like mushrooms that you can toss around a room with a twist of your iPad or an Alice who grows and shrinks as you move your gadget around.  I couldn’t be more fascinated by it. It’s quite possible the cleverest book I’ve seen so far and exactly how I dreamed books would look one day.


~ by rtymerej on August 27, 2010.